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Mon - Fri: 8:00-16:00

You can also our e-mail: forlife@forlifemadaga.com

FOR LIFE spol. s r.o.

Traditional proven trademark since 1994. 

For Life spol. s r.o., is a Czech company established in 1993. We specialize in professional cosmetic products, formulated for beauty salons’ treatment. We also offer very wide line of Home care products.

The products for professional care and home care products are distributed exclusively into beauty salons and through the beauticians to the customers. We also offer products for hypersensitive skin type (e.g. for people suffering form allergies, eczema and cosmetics for babies).

Up-to-date equipped laboratories and very strict quality monitoring of each product are reliable guarantee of high quality.


Our main and priority rule in preparation and subsequent production of our cosmetic products is quality criteria. The quality is our main focus throughout all operations starting with development to the finalization of the product. We are aware of the fact that skin is a complex organ of your body and can not be exchanged for a new one if worn out, therefore it is vital to treat it very sensitively and choose the adequate cosmetic products very carefully.Thanks to long-standing experience we can claim responsibly, that our products respect the skin’s natural characteristics and keep it in healthy condition. They help to maintain the healthy and fresh look of the skin. The solid evidence is thousands of clients who daily use our products in the long term.

Development and manufacturing of FOR LIFE & MADAGA products is done using the HIGH TECHNOLOGY III (similar to the one used for drugs), which provides:

•  faster transdermal absorbency of the products
•  immediate transport of active ingredients into the skin
•  greater protection of the skin against external influences
•  avoiding the formation of comedones, prevention of widening of pores
•  greater effect - hydration, nutrition, and regeneration
•  increasing of tolerance for sensitive skin types
•  guarantee of maximal safety and gentleness of the products

We actively participate in the research in the field of effects of cosmetics on the skin, and we have patented an emulsion system for supporting natural regeneration of damaged skin.

We are significantly active in the field of cosmetology and dermatology, and we also publish professional articles and posts.


According to existing positive response form our customers and recognition form the professionals (cosmetologist, pharmacologists, and chemists) we might classify our company among the top cosmetics companies. Every recognition of our work is extremely important to us and we consider it to be a great commitment, motivating us to reach even better results.Our goal is to address those customers, who did no have a chance to try our products and service yet and show them that we can overtake competitive foreign and domestic companies in may respects. The primary goal in the international business development is For Life expansion to Europe Union countries in form of business representation companies.


For Life spol. s r.o was established in 1993 as a Czech production company without foreign funds specialized in production and development of regenerating cosmetics. Nowadays, after several years of hard work, For Life spol. s r.o is reputable company with a significant role. Thanks to increasing number of customers, we had to extend our activities and launch other company divisions. Company structure:

- Production and development of cosmetics products.
- Distribution and customer care and professional training
- Advertisement and press


We regularly participate in international cosmetologist conferences and production companies conferences.
We actively participate in research in field of impact of the cosmetic products on skin and the organism
as a whole and we also publish professional articles and contributions.

Every year, we regularly participate in international presentations such as: Cosmetician union congress Czech republic, Cosmetician guild general meeting Czech republic, professional seminars for cosmeticians e.t.c..
We take advantage of presenting our company at these meetings as well as we actively contribute with our knowledge and information by way of professional lectures.

Beauty Expo, Beauty & Spa Praha, furthermore we participate in fairs and actions focused on professional cosmetic care.

We think that helping others is our most important mission. We try to pass on our knowledge and lend a hand in time when it is needed, therefore we help the new cosmeticians in the first place to gain experience in their practice and we also cooperate with specialized schools.

For Life supports various actions and competitions. Every year we make financial and gift contribution to abandoned children to fulfill their whishes and dreams. We are grateful for any new experience, young girl self confidence reinforcement or a child’s smile who can experience the feeling of happiness, which can be seen as usual thing to the others.

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